Hive hours

Monday - Saturday

7-11aM -- breakfast, Pastries, and coffee

11am-9pm -- All Day menu


9AM-2PM -- Brunch

Farm eggs are from Rhodes Family Farms. Fresh beef and pork are from Fischer Farms. Chicken is from Miller Amish Country. We proudly serve locally roasted coffee from Brown County Coffee.


Sunday Brunch

From 9 AM - 2 PM

Many items can be made vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free upon request.

Marinated tofu can be substituted for meat.

[V] = Vegetarian   •   [GF] = Gluten-Free



English muffin, egg, cheddar, and choice of pork sausage, veggie sausage, bacon, or ham.



Ask about today’s selection.



Dressed greens, Fischer Farms bacon, pico, marinated red onion, avocado salsa, cheddar.



Kuku  [V] [GF]

Loads of fresh greens — organic chard, parsley, and cilantro — with Persian spices, folded with eggs, and baked.


Cinnamon Roll  [V]

Made with organic flour, European-style butter, brown sugar, and sea salt.



Cuban Breakfast Bowl  [V]  [gf]

Black beans, rice, Cotija cheese, pico, avocado salsa, and cilantro. Topped with 2 eggs.


Muddy Fork Granola  [V]  [gf]

Cup of Greek-style yogurt, local honey drizzle, and berries.


Avocado Toast  [V]

Hive wheat toast with avocado, EVOO, sea salt, sliced radish, and microgreens.


Add an egg. $1.50

Yoga  [v]  [gf]

Mixed greens, quinoa salad, Sweety-drop peppers, house vinaigrette, feta, avocado, kalamata, 7-minute egg, and Hive crunch mix.



Organic wheat flour, corn flour, and buttermilk cakes with syrup and whipped butter.



Eggs Your Way

2 Rhodes Farm eggs served with wheat toast, and home-fries, tots, or dressed greens. Choice of bacon, pork sausage, or veggie sausage.



Breakfast a la carte

2 Rhodes Farm’s Eggs



Fischer Farms Link Sausage



Fischer Farms Bacon


Veggie Sausage



hive wheat toast (2)






Tater tots




Roast Chicken


Quarter Chicken

White or dark meat, stuffing, gravy, and choice of side.



Chicken Frites

1/2 chicken with French fries and dressed field greens.



chicken Pot Pie

Organic flour and hemp seed crust with carrots, peas, corn, green beans, white cheddar, and roast chicken.



Sides  $2

[V] = Vegetarian   •   [GF] = Gluten Free



Seasonal Veggies  [v]  [gf]

black beans & rice  [v]  [gf]

Mashed potatoes

MaC & Cheese


Dressed greens  [v]  [gf]

Turmeric Slaw  [v]  [gf]

potato salad  [v]  [gf]

Miss Vickie's Chips  [v]

Sautéed Greens  [v]  [gf]

French fries  [v]

EGGS-TRAS  $1.50


Tea egg


7-minute Egg


Fried Egg


Snacks  $7

[V] = Vegetarian   •   [GF] = Gluten Free


Basket of Fries  [v]  [gf]

Plantain Chips & SALSA  [v]  [gf]


Ham Salad & Crackers

Reuben Egg Rolls


Pimento Cheese & Crackers  [v]




Cup: $2 • Refill: $1


To-Go Coffee

Sm: $2.25 • Med: $2.50 • Lg: $2.75


Cold Brew Coffee

22 oz.: $2.75




Iced Tea


Hot Tea


Craft sodas

Regular: $2.75 • Large: $3.50

Root Beer

Cardamom Cream Soda


Bloomington Brewing Co. Draft Beer


Kirkwood Cream

Ruby Bloom Amber


Quarrymen Pale

Swashbuckler oatmeal Stout



Chateau de Campuget Rosé




Luna Nuda Red Blend


Elouan Pinot Noir


Imagery Cabernet Sauvignon








Benvolio Pinot Grigio


Terrazaz Chardonnay


Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc